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First of Island Sea Turtle Nests Hatch

"Let the wild rumpus begin" was the statement made by Suzi Fox, Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch Executive Director, in response to the first of the Island's hatchlings making their way to the Gulf this week. Late night beach watchers were treated to the spectacular event as multiple nests 'bubbled' up at numeroous locations across the Island.

However,Turtle Watch are calling for better consideration from home owners and vacation renters, in relation to lights. Tracks showed that none of the nests near 28th Avenue in Holmes Beach and 24th and 11th Streets in Bradenton Beach reached the Gulf waters, after lights at beachfront properties drew hatchlings in the wrong direction. Over 300 hatchlings perished. Disorientation from lights in houses on the beach can cause confusion for the turtles and prove fatal!

With more hatchlings due in the coming weeks, AMITW is urging lights out as well as using blue ribbon to designate which nests will soon hatch. Fox has said that walkers will check nests daily for signs of tracks. If a nest has hatched AMITW section coordinators will carefully examine the site to determine that the hatchling tracks lead to the water and that a disorientation has not occurred. If tracks suggest this, AMITW will notify a code-enforcement officer.

So, please help these little hatchlings. Remember lights out!

Check out the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch website for more information about how you can help and the great work that they do!